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1.000 C24 - Coins 

worth $10.00

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Very soon a new high - secure - krypto - exchanger with very low fees start! You never saw something like this bevore! The Company split there earnings with the members and pay 10 Level Downline Comissions at the fees !!! 

The C24 - Coin ( Company Coin) start with $0.01 each and will grow in worth very fast! This is your chance to be one of the first worldwide!


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How it works:

You can use the exchanger to store your Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple... 

You can exchange your BTC into ETH, your ETH into XRP, ....... 

Very low fees !!!

You can purchase the C24 Company Coin for just $0.01 each !!!

You can purchase lending to increase the the amount of your C24 Coins !!!

The first 1.000 Members get a 1.000 C24 - Coin lending for FREE from the Company !!!

Earn money with C24:

Purchse the C24 Coins for just $0.01 and sell them when they grow in worth!

Use the lending and increase the amount of your C24 Coins !!!

Promote your advertising - link and earn:

- 10 Level Downline comission at the fees !!!

- 10 Level Downline comission at lending !!!

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We send you the link to C24 as soon the exchanger is online!

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